A picture of puppy love!

(source: mid-day.com)

Bollywood’s resident bad-boy Salman Khan has showed his kind-hearted, gentle side once again, as he is ready to extend his full support to the city’s only veterinary hospital The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) in Parel.

The actor, who is known for his penchant for dogs, especially his own, called MySon and MyJaan, has promised aid to the hospital and has also shared a photograph of him with his dogs to spread awareness about animal welfare.

Pledging support

Hospital officials told MiD DAY that Salman has pledged to encourage the hospital’s cause and all events which are associated with it. In fact, Salman has pledged his support for a fund raising event Summer Closet organised by the Sahachari foundation on behalf of the BSPCA.

Brinda Khatau, trustee of BSPCA said,” Salman had come to our hospital for treating his dog and is well versed with the work the hospital does for animals.

When we approached him for supporting the cause, he readily accepted the request and even shared a photograph close to his heart with us so that we can attract the youth to the cause. We want people to know Salman’s benevolent side and his support to the Summer Closet event will help us create more awareness.”

The event will take place tomorrow where designers will set up stalls of clothes and accessories and give the proceeds to the BSPCA.

Roots of the bond

Salman’s connection with BSPCA dates back to when his dog MyJaan took seriously ill in June 2009. Owing to the critical condition of MyJaan, the vets had advised Khan to admit him.

Sources say that the actor spent several hours in the hospital to ensure Myjaan’s speedy recovery. Later, the hospital authorities also allocated Salman’s dog a special room where Salman could stay with his pet.

Seeing Salman’s dedication towards his pet, the hospital authorities started the ‘My Pet Ward’, allowing owners to share a room with their pets and monitor their recuperation during the treatment phase.

“We were surprised to see Salman’s love for his pet and realised that many other pet owners would want to stay with their pets and thus came up with the idea of a dedicated room.

Salman was interested to help the cause of protecting animals and had promised that he would come whenever we needed his help,” said Dr J C Khanna, Secretary of BSPCA.


Commenting on Khan’s involvement, Khatau added, “The BSPCA hospital treats nearly 300 animals a day, out of which 70 per cent are treated free of cost. We are grateful to Salman for extending his valuable support to the event. We want people to start adopting stray dogs and cats as every animal is unique.”

Despite repeated attempts, Salman remained unavailable for comment.

Rs 10 lakh
Amount donated by Sahachari foundation to BSPCA last year

Number of animals treated at BSPCA every day

Sallu’s charity
Salman Khan is known for his charitable acts. Once, while travelling past Dharavi, he gave a small beggar child imported chocolates and a wad of notes. He has also extended his support to Cancer Patients Aid Association and has a charitable trust ‘Salman Khan Foundation’ popularly known as the Being Human foundation.

Zayed’s present
During the filming of Yuvraaj, Zayed Khan realised that Salman Khan was still reeling from the loss of MyJaan and MySon and gifted him a mastiff puppy.

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