Hailstorm hits apple crop in Chamba, Shimla & Kullu

(source: himvani.com)

Apple TreeShimla (May 31): The wrath of inclement weather continuees to wreck hovoc for thousands of apple and other fruit growers in Himachal Pradesh, as spells of hailstorms dashed apple fruit to ground in Chamba district, Ani, Rampur and Nirmand of Kullu and Shimla as well.

The hailstorm affected many villages of Ani and Nirmand areas of Kullu and Rampur in Shimla district this afternoon. Local sources said that apple crop, which is about to witness its arrival in a month, was badly damaged by hailstorm beside causing massive damage to cherry, almond, pear, plum, apricot and other stone fruits.

Reports just received from Chamba said that heavy rain along with hailstrom hit the standing crops of apple, grapes, kKiwi, almound, apricot, peach and standing crop of maize as hailstorm last more than hour dashed the furits and crop to ground. The unseasonal rain also damaged the new seedlings of vegiatbles, which was transplanted by the farmers recently.
Meanwhile, the rain god is not letting life out of its grips as Met
office announced arrival of fresh Western disturbances in the state during next 24 hours, which may bring more rain in many parts of the state.

Meanwhile, Seobagh in Kullu recorded 6 mm rain, Kumarsen in Shimla & Nadaun in Hamirpur 2 mm each, & Jubbar
Hatti of this district 1 mm. The mercury was static in the state as maximum and minimum of Shimla was recorded at 24.4 degree Celsius and 16 degrees respectively, Sundernagar 33.3 degrees and 18 degrees, Bhuntar 32.9 degrees and 14.5 degrees, respectively.

Kalpa was high at 21.5 degrees and low at 8.5 degrees, Dharamshala 33.4 degrees and 20.5 degrees, Una highest 38.4 degrees and 20.6 degrees, Nahan 31.9 degrees and 21.7 degrees, Mandi 33.9 degrees and 18 degrees and Solan 31 degrees and 16 degrees respectively.


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