Govt rules out further talks with Ramdev


Baba RamdevNew Delhi: Hours after breaking up Baba Ramdev’s hunger strike against corruption, government on Sunday ruled out further talks with the yoga guru on his demands to bring back black money from abroad.

“There is nothing left to discuss (with Ramdev). On what issue we will talk? Whatever talks had to happen have already happened,” Union Minister Subodhkant Sahay, involved in negotiations with the yoga guru, told reporters here.

Another Union Minister Kapil Sibal made it clear that the police action had the backing of the government and the party.

To a question on whether the action had the endorsement of the party, he said “absolutely, 100 percent. No such action takes place without 100 percent unity in the government and the party.”

On the issue of black money, Sahay said brining back black money stashed abroad is government’s agenda and it was committed to the cause not because the issue has been raised by an individual.

Terming the police action to remove Ramdev as “unfortunate”, Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee who led negotiations on behalf of government, the issues raised by the Baba are important and have to be addressed.

“…When negotiations were conducted, he said he will confine (his protest) to three days. If he would have stuck to this, then these turn of events would not have happened,” Mukherjee said.

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