Forceful eviction of Baba Ramdev shocking: IAIF

Baba RamdevWashington: Expressing shock at forceful eviction of Baba Ramdev and his followers from Ramlila Maidan, a New York-based Indian American body termed it as a dangerous attack on the democratic set up in India.

“Baba Ramdev’s intent behind this movement is to bring back approximately USD nine trillion stolen from poor Indians and stashed in foreign countries; and he is determined to reverse this awful trajectory,” the New-York based Indian American Intellectual Forum (IAIF) said in a statement.

Under no circumstances it was supposed to create a law and order problem as is being claimed by the Central Government, Forum’s president Narain Kataria said.

“Baba Ramdev’s allegation that there was a sinister conspiracy to kill him has to be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation,” he said, adding the reign of repression let lose against thousands of peaceful men, women and children by 5,000 Delhi policemen should be vehemently condemned with the contempt it deserves.

It is a naked fascism as practiced by dictators in Middle Eastern countries, Kataria alleged.

“The Indians are determined to take back Government of India from their corrupt rulers. Make no mistake; they are waking up silently, slowly but surely. They are not going to stop till the goal is reached,” the Forum said.


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