Salman Khan: The new IIFA ambassador

Salman KhanThe actor seems to have fully taken over from Amitabh Bachchan

It’s a change of image almost for the star who was once known for picking fights and being ultra-aggressive, especially with the media. Ever since he started with the promotions for Dabangg and then more recently Ready, Sallu bhai has been at his PR best, not rising to bait and even answering pointed questions about his love life. And that seems to be paying off. He is now taking on a new role – he will be the main man for the IIFA Awards to be held next month in Toronto. Now there is a long and convoluted history: First it was all about the Big B, who held the post as official ambassador for IIFA for more than 10 years. Then, when there was a bit of a stink about the awards being held in Sri Lanka, Amitabh Bachchan was sort of distanced from the ceremony and, while it was not made official, it seemed as if Salman had taken over, since he was so prominent during the event. When it was announced that the 2011 awards would be held in Toronto, we heard noises that Akshay Kumar was going to be The Man, because of his close ties with Canada. Now it is known that Sallu will be the ambassador, we expect all eyes on the superstar and many trophies for the Dabangg gang. After all, if the Bachchan family can win so many when AB was in the haute seat, we know Salman and co will follow suit!


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