Farmers to get 16 per cent developed land in UP

Ghaziabad: A new land acquisition policy announced by the Uttar Pradesh government has provision of providing 16 per cent developed land to the farmers.

The 16 per cent land will be returned to the farmers after developing it and they would be free to sell it later on, state Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Alok Kumar said.

Six per cent additional land will also be provided to the farmers for rehabilitation purpose, he said adding that they will have to pay a development fee on it.

Farmers are angry over the fact that government purchases land at a meagre amount and then sells it at a very high price, Kumar said.

Farmers will have a choice of entering into a contract and receive Rs two lakh per acre or a one-time payment of Rs 76,000 or Rs 23,000 every year for a period of 33 years, he said.

Whenever a development scheme is taken up only 45 per cent of the acquired land is available for selling as the remaining part is utilized in providing public facilities, he added.

The new policy announced recently will not be applicable to old schemes and private builders will have to buy 80 per cent of the Land directly from the farmers, he said.


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