Questions on Salman Khan are boring: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan tired of answering questions on his equation with Salman Khan.

Shahrukh Khan is always considerate while dealing with the media. No matter how touchy the questions, he answers them with a dimpled smile and his typical humour.

Salman Khan
At the recent launch of Kanika Dhillon’s book Bombay Duck Is A Fish Shahrukh Khan was asked a question regarding his equation with Salman Khan, his former friend who turned into a foe after an ugly spat in 2008.

“Questions on Salman and I are getting too boring and I don’t think anyone wants to even read it,” Shahrukh said.

He sounded a tad peeved by the question and later when the reporter asked the question again, Shahrukh joked: “I may break into a fight with you.”

Shahrukh also clarified his recent comment in which he said that G in the character G.One (in his film Ra.One) stands for Gauri and ‘One’ for his position in the film industry. When asked if he really thought that he was number one in Bollywood, Shahrukh said: “I did say I play G.One in as G stands for Gauri and One for me but it was all said in good humour. No one has to then think if I do consider myself number one! Having said that I have worked hard for 20 years and I need people to be responsible before asking such questions.”

Perhaps it’s about time the media began to separate Shahrukh’s humour from his serious comments.


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