J Dey murder probe: Court hauls up Maharashtra Govt

Mumbai:  Nearly a week after journalist J Dey’s murder, the Bombay High Court has hauled up the Maharashtra government, asking it to file a status report on the probe by June 21.

This comes a day after all three detained in connection with the murder were let off after questioning. The police are still groping in dark with no definite leads.

The three men were released early on Thursday morning; they were detained yesterday and were said to be hired by the Chhota Shakeel gang at the behest of an alleged sandalwood smuggler, upset with an expose that Mr Dey was planning. The Mumbai police has found little evidence to support the detention of three men alleged to be the shooters.

The men were identified as Mateen, Iqbal Hateyla and Anwar. Sources say the contract killing was allegedly organised at the behest of Dubai-based Zafar Kasim.

Kasim is said to have approached Chhota Shakeel to organise the contract killing and the plan was allegedly hatched between Pakistan, Dubai and India.

The police have recovered a motorcycle and car allegedly used in the crime. The vehicle was suspected to have been used in the June 11 murder in Powai, adds PTI.

The detention was the outcome of findings by one of the squads examining the case. Yet, after further questioning and investigation, the police have not found much evidence against them.

(source: ndtv.com)

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