Chillar Party’s a touching film: Salman Khan

Salman Khan talks about his latest venture Chillar Party and more…

Salman Khan

What made you want to turn producer for a small film like Chillar Party?
Nothing is small or big. We make big budget films and koi bhi nahi dekhta hai. When I saw this film, I went to UTV and told them I want to take over the film. However, they didn’t allow me and so I am a 50% partner in the film.

This is the first Salman’s Being Human production.
Yes, of course. We just could not just do any random film under SKBH. The film is for people who love their childhood friends. It’s for people who love pets and children. It is a touching film. However, at the same time, it is entertaining. I’m someone who is against parallel cinema. My usool is that audience feels paisa vasool.

You’ve reportedly said that you will delete the Ranbir Kapoor item song from the film…
No, I am not changing even a single minute of the film. If I want, I can delete the song but everything is perfect in the film. If I can reminisce back 35 years to my childhood after watching the film, I am sure everyone who watches the film will.

You have always taken your father’s ( Salim Khan) advice. Has he seen the film?
Yes, of course and he loved the film. The performance by the kids, be it Phatka or Shaolin or Jangiya, they are all very good.

You showed the film to Ambika Soni. What was her response?
I asked if she could make the film tax free. The purpose is not to make more money but to have more people see the film. The proceeds ultimately go to Being Human foundation. She assured us that she would speak to every CM.


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