Salman Khan to star in five sequels

Actor Salman Khan is fast becoming the Hindi version of Rajnikanth. Like superstar Rajni, Salman has done it all. He has had reincarnations, fought fifty bad guys at once and has managed to tear his shirt apart…without even touching it! No wonders then that he has acted in the maximum number of South remakes.
However, the superstar is eyeing another achievement of sorts. Salman is all set to star in not less than five sequels of his films. While the sequels of some of his recent hits like ‘Dabanng’ and ‘Wanted’ are already in the news, sources tell us that sequels to ‘No Entry’, ‘Partner’ and ‘Tere Naam’ are also being planned’.
Trade analysts are already going gaga over this sequel mania. It is being speculated that with Salman Khan as the lead actor, every sequel is destined to be a superhit.

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