Mumbai blasts: CCTV footage hold the key Investigators probing the deadly Mumbai blasts are pinning their hopes on close circuit television (CCTV) footage for clues, Friday.

Zee News has accessed CCTV footage from Zaveri Bazar and Opera House, the disturbing visuals show people running for cover and later helping those injured. All in all 23 CCTV cameras are said to have captured crucial images.

As per reports, one camera in Opera House has captured the images of the possible suspects. The footage shows three or four people talking on the phone for over an hour and a half at the same spot.

Moreover, a person carrying a bag is reported to have been identified as a suspect. He is seen moving towards a parked motorcycle and within seconds there is an explosion.

As the government has already confirmed that one of the bodies recovered from the Opera House site had an electric circuit on it, reports speculate whether it was the same person with the bag – possibly carrying the bomb – which exploded prematurely, killing him as well?

Importantly, the investigators have not rejected the possibility of the presence of a human bomb.

Maharashtra Anti-terrorism Squad chief Rakesh Maria said that investigating officials are thoroughly going through the CCTV footage obtained from the blast sites. “The volume is a huge and we are going through each and every footage,” he said, adding that it was too early to say whether a “human bomb” was used.

Clearly, the authorities don’t want to speculate on who could be involved in the attack.

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said it was too early “to point a finger at any one group”.

All groups “hostile to India” are on the “radar” in the probe, he said. The minister revised the death toll to 18 including a person with a severed head from 21 which was put out in an official list released by the ministry. 131 (EDs Correct) persons were injured of whom 23 are in a serious condition.


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