Singham Roars… Everywhere


Blockbuster jodi, Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, return to their action avatar and have created a stir at the box office with Singham rocking the ticket counter from its very first show. The film took a bumper opening everywhere, in singleplexes as well as multiplexes. Admittedly, collections were much higher in single screens but they were also fantastic at multiplexes across the country.

In Mumbai, the film took an extraordinary opening, and Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines says, “The film opened to 90-100 per cent collections in single-screens. It has done very well and the audience is truly appreciating the film. It received a 50 per cent opening in multiplexes in the city, which is expected to improve in the late afternoon and evening shows. In Gujarat, on the other hand, it scored an opening of 70 per cent in multiplexes and 90-100 per cent in single screens.”

“Almost a 100 per cent opening,” says Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts, of Singham’s performance in Delhi-UP. “Shows are houseful almost everywhere and the weekend business will be even better as there is no film to compete with it.” Ghai further says that due to the multiplex dispute, which was eventually resolved on Thursday night, the film opened at 60 to 70 per cent in multiplexes. He predicts that the movie’s box-office performance will improve with every show, adding, “The audience is enjoying each and every scene and this indicates that collections are only going to grow.”

Distributors in Gujarat are singing the same tune. Devendra Shah of Varun Enterprises remarks, “The opening of Singham has been extraordinary. The film is doing exceptionally well in single screens and it enjoyed an opening of more than 85-90 per cent. Footfalls across multiplexes were around 70 per cent too and this is expected to improve sharply.”

Despite being a South remake, Singham received a good opening in Mysore, where B H Basha of Bahar Enterprises reveals, “The opening of the film was 60 per cent in multiplexes and 80 per cent in single screens. The audience is enjoying the Hindi remake and collections are expected to touch 100 per cent by evening.”

In Assam-Orissa, Singham has already been declared a blockbuster, opening to around 90 per cent. Says Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers, “Over the weekend, the film’s collections will grow as it is an out-and-out Indian culture masala movie.”

In Bihar too, the film has already been declared a money-spinner. According to Abhay Sinha of Yafhi Films, Singham opened to 100 per cent and even an extraordinary 110 per cent in some single screens, where extra seats were temporarily installed. “The film is doing very well and is expected to do even better.”

In Nizam, Dilip Tandon of Indra Films says, “Singham has taken a mind-blowing opening of 90 to 100 per cent. It is doing superb business.”
On the same ecstatic note, Ravi Macchar of Sahyog Films in Hyderabad declares that Singham is the “biggest hit of the year thus far”. “It opened at 100 per cent and is expected to break all records.”


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