Ready to face bullets: Anna Hazare Delhi: Gandhian activist Anna Hazare on Friday called on the people of the nation to join the struggle for a strong Lokpal Bill. Speaking exclusively to Zee News, Hazare said he was ready to go jail and eve face bullets for the cause.

Hazare had yesterday announced that he would again sit on fast from August 16 as the government has betrayed the nation on the issue of drafting a strong Lokpal Bill. It should be noted that the Union Cabinet had yesterday approved the draft Lokpal Bill but decided to keep the serving Prime Minister and the judiciary out of its ambit.

Slamming the government for betraying the nation, Hazare said the government’s intention to tackle corruption is doubtful. Hazare, whose April 5 indefinite fast at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi united people across the country, said the battle for a strong Lokpal Bill would be the second freedom struggle.

He made it clear that every official needs to come under the ambit of Lokpal.

“This is democracy; the government has to make laws according to people’s wishes,” he said.

“If the nation fails to wake up today, corruption will never end,” he added.

Accusing the government of trying to kill democracy, Hazare said the government should remember that his team is prepared to face a Baba Ramdev like crackdown.

Ready to face bullets: Anna Hazare The anti-graft Lokpal Bill approved by the Union Cabinet yesterday will be introduced in Parliament in the Monsoon Session that begins on August 01.

The nine-member Lokpal will be headed by a former Supreme Court or High Court chief justice, according to the draft legislation.

Half the remaining members will be from the judiciary and the others should be persons of “impeccable integrity” and should have 25 years of experience in the anti-corruption field.

The Prime Minister won’t come under the purview of the Bill during his period in office, but will be covered by it after he leaves the post. The statute of limitations under the Bill is seven years.


One Comment to “Ready to face bullets: Anna Hazare”

  1. Undoubtedly the moment is meant to clean and standard arise nation’s moral values. Corruption is an ugly pimple on the serene face of Indian democracy. The Janlokpall bill should cover bureaucrats, ministers and all public servants. Political freedom has no meaning if we loose moral value in public life.

    The surge of people across the country from each state, city and town shows that they are the hard victims of corruption. While a section of people hardly has two square meals a day, the other section is so rich that their wealth oozes out from their vaults. This imbalance precipitates horrible future to the country.

    The UPA, and Congress particularly loosing ground of familiarity. The integrity of the mass with Anna endangers image and value of Congress which struggled hard to bring freedom from the icy clutches of colonial rule. This credit is at stake now. Prof. Jeelanmi

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