Anna seeks PM’s intervention on police curbs

Anna writes to PM complaining of Delhi Police restrictions

Hazare, in a two-page letter, said that despite the restriction, he will go
ahead with the fast, and if arrested he will continue it in jail.

Delhi Police in their order Friday asked Team Anna to give an undertaking
that it will end its protest fast at a park in central Delhi in three days.

According to Hazare, the Indian constitution allows every citizen to hold
peaceful protest and stopping them is violation of their fundamental rights.

“I am writing to you with a hope that you will protect our fundamental right.
It is your duty to protect the democracy and constitution and I am hopeful that
you will take some action regarding this,” he said.

Hazare’s letter said that freedom fighters fought for these very rights and
it was ironical that ahead of the Independence Day, these rights were being

Besides, Delhi Police have put 22 restrictions — limiting the gathering to
4,000-5,000 people, not making proactive speeches and limited use of
loudspeakers, among others.

(source: msn)

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