I don’t have to impress a woman


As a person, have you changed since the day you started out in Bollywood?

I have not changed a bit. I have seen more life. So there might be things that I agreed with earlier and do not agree to now. If you are saying fame or power could change somebody, I don’t believe that. I think that money, fame and power make you the person you are.  Before that the person is a jhuka hua aadmi. He is a humble man.

Did you never feel like attempting serious cinema?

If you look at my characters Radhe in Tere Naam and Inspector Arjun Ranavat in Garv: Pride and Honour, you’ll realise that I have done serious cinema. But why would I want to do a French film when I am doing Hindi films? People go to a theatre to watch a film because they want to have fun. Why would I want to give them a rona-dhona film? For me movies are real life enlarged and enhanced. I can do stuff in movies which I can’t do in real life. It’s like taking real life to a different level.

Considering you’ve had several romantic relationships, what according to you is the one thing that women want from a man?

A woman would want her man to be charming, lovable, and sweet. She would want flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners.

But a lot of women today prefer to be practical and may not want their man to present them with all those things…

Oh do you know any woman like that? No…it’s not true. It’s all in theory. In reality they love to have all of the above.

If you have to impress a woman, how would you go about it?

I don’t have to impress a woman. If you try to impress a woman you are being the man you are not. It is bound to turn around and whack you in the face. Be yourself. Don’t do things that you will not be able to do in your relationship after a point of time.

Moving on… Salman’s body has always been drooled over. How do you maintain it? Do you avoid any kind of food?

I exercise a little more than I eat. And I eat a lot. I don’t avoid oil or fried food. I eat everything except pork and beef.

Are friendships in the film industry fickle?

It depends on the kind of bond you have formed with a person. If it’s not work related, it generally lasts long. If it’s work related, it can go either way. Mohnish Behl, Sanjay Dutt, Aamir Khan, Sajid Nadidwala…all are good friends. Shah Rukh Khan used to be friend.

Was that friendship (SRK) work related?

I have no idea buddy…you ask him that question.

Are relationships fickle too?

No, relationships are not fickle. If that thing is meant to be, that person will be there. If its not meant to be, it won’t.

How do you rate yourself as a lover, actor and friend?

(Looks puzzled) How can I rate myself?  You ask this question to my lovers, audience and friends.

Your new movie Bodyguard is going to release soon. Your bodyguard Shera has been with you for more than 15 years. How much of the film is inspired by Shera. What kind of an equation do you share with him?

(Salman chooses not to answer the question. Instead he shouts out for Shera, cursing him). Sheraa…Sheraaa.. joota phenk ke maarunga tujhe. (Then he turns slowly with a telling look about him. He is waiting to see if we have understood the ‘equation’. Yes, we have. Very well, in fact). The most important thing about a bodyguard is trust. I have spent more time with him than with my family. He knows how I am. I trust him. Shera calls me ‘maalik’. So I have taken that from him for the film. I call my boss ‘maalik’ in the film.

Has he (Shera) ever got you in a spot?

Lots of times. Once at an event, there was a huge crowd. Shera was trying to get me through. A cop, who was wearing civil clothes and was there along with his family, got pushed. And then it became an ego issue. The cop created a big ruckus. Nobody got seriously hurt and I didn’t blame Shera for it because he was just doing his job.

(source: mumbaimirror.com)

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