DrupalCamp to promote open source tech amongst IT students in Dharamshala

The first ever Drupal camp in the region is to be held on 19th October, 2013 at Zila Parishad hall, Dharamshala.

Srijan Dhauladhar Technologies LLP stands as one of the sponsors for the event. The company was established in 2011 with a motive to kick-start the Information Technology industry in this area. It helps in providing web-based solutions to clients around the world. Srijan Dhauladhar have already conducted 12 ‘Hello Drupal Camps’ in previous times at various colleges in and around Dharamshala area and have received positive response from faculty members and students.

The event is being organized to spread awareness about open source technologies and Drupal in particular, which is quite new in the region. The event will comprise of few introductory sessions. Later, quiz competition and community mixer will take place. Apart from this, an overnight Drupal.org code contribution session will also take place.

Drupal Camp Dharamshala 2013

The basic aim of the event is to build a community here as Drupal is known for a large and support community worldwide. The camp is also focusing on college students to make them acquainted with website building, Drupal and Open Source.

In order to make students aware about the event, workshops were conducted at various colleges like Dronacharya College of education, Government polytechnic college and Government College Dharamshala. The students were keen to be part of it and more than 60 of them are expected to be attending the event.

It is a great opportunity for nature loving techies to meet community members and contribute actively in promoting Drupal amongst the local community in Dharamshala.

For free registration visit our site http://drupalcampdharamshala.org


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