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June 9, 2011

Ready Box Office Report, Business Talk With Taran Adarsh

Salman KhanHear this. Teen cheez ko kabhi under-estimate nahin karna – Salman Khan, uske fans aur uski films.
Now hear this. There are three types of movies – commercial, art house and those starring Salman Khan.
I’m sure, you will hear more of such things in times to come…

Now let’s get into the flashback mode. Prior to its release, a number of top notch distributors were speculating the opening weekend business of READY. One of them, whose word holds weight in distribution circles, called to say that the opening weekend business would be in Rs 35 cr to Rs 40 cr range. And if luck would be on its side, the business might touch Rs 40 cr nett [it’s a remote possibility, he added]. The hype is tremendous, but ‘something’ is missing, he opined.

The leading distributor’s prophecy almost came true on Friday morning, when the morning shows of the film commenced across the country. The start was big, but it was expected to be bigger. Salman’s star power + two Hit tracks + post DABANGG wave + first biggie after the conclusion of IPL cricket matches… READY was supposed to bring relief to the strife-torn industry. Embarking on a never-seen-before opening.

But READY consolidated its position with each passing show. By Friday evening, it was more than evident that READY would cross the Rs 40 cr mark in its opening weekend, but overpowering DABANGG was ruled out. However, the business took a slight dip on Saturday, but the numbers zoomed upwards on Sunday. READY now sits pretty on No 2 position in the Top 5 openers of all times list, having collected Rs 42.75 cr nett in its first three days. The Top 5 opening weekend are as follows:-

DABANGG – 48.5 cr
READY – 42.75 cr
3 IDIOTS – 40 cr
GOLMAAL 3 – 36 cr

The opening weekend numbers clearly indicate that READY has been embraced by the paying public. That’s what matters at the end of the day, isn’t it? The one question that I wish to pose to the naysayers [a negligible minority] is, what do people expect from masala films? Non-stop entertainment, right? In this case, did Anees Bazmee or Salman Khan ever claim that the viewer would be served an UDAAN or a STANLEY KA DABBA or a TAARE ZAMEEN PE or a GUZAARISH? The world knew it was a remake of a Telugu film and [most] people even knew what its storyline was. So why this hullabaloo about the film not having an interesting story/screenplay? READY is a fun ride and has to be viewed from that perspective.

Most importantly, if the reports of READY were terrible, the business would’ve crumbled on Day 2 [Saturday] itself. It would’ve fallen by 35% to 40% [perhaps more]. And Sunday wouldn’t be strong either. But READY reported bigger figures on Sunday than Friday and Saturday, which proves that the word of mouth is on the positive side. Let’s not forget, no film can claim to have the mandate of the universal audience. But the one thing we need to learn is to respect the mandate of the junta. They know better!

Well, with a great start on one hand and no major opposition in its next two weeks, READY is expected to rule the box-office for sure. As for its economics and where it stands, well, let’s await its second weekend figures to see how big a success it is.


June 7, 2011

Box Office Report – Ready rakes in a humongous Rs 40 crores

It can’t get better than this! Ready has become the second biggest Bollywood opener after Dabangg. The movie got off to a flying start on Friday with a nett collection of Rs 13.15 crore and rounded off the weekend with a business of approx Rs 40.65 crore.

Though the critics have slammed the movie, the masses are loving it. The break down for the first three days is as follows: on Friday the collection was Rs 13.15 crore, on Saturday it was approx Rs 12.25 crore, and on Sunday the collections triggered up to Rs 15.25 crore. Whoa! Do we see the distributors laughing their way to the bank? Not yet!

Coming to another winner at BO, it’s the small-budget film Pyaar Ka Punchnama. The movie has gained tremendous popularity, thanks to the word-of-mouth publicity. Now, the movie is running at limited multiplexes with less number of shows but its collections are steady. In its second week, Pyaar Ka Punchnama collected approx Rs 3.50 crore. The two-week total is around Rs 9 crore which is good for a film like Pyaar Ka Punchnaama.

As for Ready, a lot depends on how it performs in the coming days because the distributors have paid huge amount for Ready, banking on Salman, and to cover it, requires a superhit business from the film. On Monday, Ready was steady, save for a drop in the collections in comparison to its first three days.

The Top Five openers at BO are:

Dabangg – Rs 48.5 crore

Ready – Rs 40.65 crore

3 Idiots – Rs 40 crore

Tees Maar Khan – Rs 38 crore

Golmaal 3 – Rs 36 crore

June 4, 2011

Ready Movie Rating, Review: Ready Box Office Report


The 9.30 am shows at multiplexes are enormous in the 90-100%. The Mumbai multiplexes are lagging a bit, but it is always the case as these often go late. Some multiplexes have over 25 plus shows per day.

The film had some shows starting at 07:00am and 08:00am to multiplexes and even those were at 60-70%.

ind-blowing start in north India and Rajasthan multiplex multiplex are phenomenal. One of the screens will start later and its a foregone conclusion that the opening will be bumper.

Now, it remains to be seen if the opening is historical or bumper and that will be known when the circuit total exit. It would not be surprised if it is not ready to beat some of the earliest recordings circuit Dabangg days. Rajasthan seems to have a good chance. READY across a box office opening of Mega.
June 2, 2011

Asin, Salman Are ‘Ready’


Release Date: 03/06/2011

Ready movie revolves around two characters Prem (Salman Khan) and Sanjanna (Asin) who are in love with each other but their greedy uncles want to choke Sanjanna’s family inheritance and prem’s family always support him in all crazy plans. Both parties always plan to teach other a lesson. The story get twisted when Sanjana’s family come to know thta they have been tricked. Then both families start taking revenge with lot of planning and plotting.Then the question is what happens to the love story.

Cast: Salman Khan, Asin Thottumkal, Arya Babbar
Directed by: Anees Bazmee