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June 9, 2011

Ready Box Office Report, Business Talk With Taran Adarsh

Salman KhanHear this. Teen cheez ko kabhi under-estimate nahin karna – Salman Khan, uske fans aur uski films.
Now hear this. There are three types of movies – commercial, art house and those starring Salman Khan.
I’m sure, you will hear more of such things in times to come…

Now let’s get into the flashback mode. Prior to its release, a number of top notch distributors were speculating the opening weekend business of READY. One of them, whose word holds weight in distribution circles, called to say that the opening weekend business would be in Rs 35 cr to Rs 40 cr range. And if luck would be on its side, the business might touch Rs 40 cr nett [it’s a remote possibility, he added]. The hype is tremendous, but ‘something’ is missing, he opined.

The leading distributor’s prophecy almost came true on Friday morning, when the morning shows of the film commenced across the country. The start was big, but it was expected to be bigger. Salman’s star power + two Hit tracks + post DABANGG wave + first biggie after the conclusion of IPL cricket matches… READY was supposed to bring relief to the strife-torn industry. Embarking on a never-seen-before opening.

But READY consolidated its position with each passing show. By Friday evening, it was more than evident that READY would cross the Rs 40 cr mark in its opening weekend, but overpowering DABANGG was ruled out. However, the business took a slight dip on Saturday, but the numbers zoomed upwards on Sunday. READY now sits pretty on No 2 position in the Top 5 openers of all times list, having collected Rs 42.75 cr nett in its first three days. The Top 5 opening weekend are as follows:-

DABANGG – 48.5 cr
READY – 42.75 cr
3 IDIOTS – 40 cr
GOLMAAL 3 – 36 cr

The opening weekend numbers clearly indicate that READY has been embraced by the paying public. That’s what matters at the end of the day, isn’t it? The one question that I wish to pose to the naysayers [a negligible minority] is, what do people expect from masala films? Non-stop entertainment, right? In this case, did Anees Bazmee or Salman Khan ever claim that the viewer would be served an UDAAN or a STANLEY KA DABBA or a TAARE ZAMEEN PE or a GUZAARISH? The world knew it was a remake of a Telugu film and [most] people even knew what its storyline was. So why this hullabaloo about the film not having an interesting story/screenplay? READY is a fun ride and has to be viewed from that perspective.

Most importantly, if the reports of READY were terrible, the business would’ve crumbled on Day 2 [Saturday] itself. It would’ve fallen by 35% to 40% [perhaps more]. And Sunday wouldn’t be strong either. But READY reported bigger figures on Sunday than Friday and Saturday, which proves that the word of mouth is on the positive side. Let’s not forget, no film can claim to have the mandate of the universal audience. But the one thing we need to learn is to respect the mandate of the junta. They know better!

Well, with a great start on one hand and no major opposition in its next two weeks, READY is expected to rule the box-office for sure. As for its economics and where it stands, well, let’s await its second weekend figures to see how big a success it is.


June 7, 2011

Box Office: Super Monday for Salman Khan’s Ready

ReadyMUMBAI: There’s no looking back for Salman Khan. With Ready, the actor has delivered a superhit yet again. The movie, which has seen the second highest opening weekend collections after Dabangg, stood super tall at the box office even on Monday.

As per information available with, Ready’s Monday net collections were approximately Rs 72.5 million (Rs 7.25 crore). With this, the movie’s four days collections stands at Rs 479 million (Rs 47.9 crore).

As was reported by this website earlier, Ready’s opening weekend collections were as follows: Friday: Rs 131.5 million (Rs 13.15 crore), Saturday: Rs 122.5 million (Rs 12.25 crore) and Sunday: Rs 152.5 million (Rs 15.25 crore).

Starring Asin opposite Salman Khan, Ready has been directed by Anees Bazmi.


June 7, 2011

Salman Khan: The new IIFA ambassador

Salman KhanThe actor seems to have fully taken over from Amitabh Bachchan

It’s a change of image almost for the star who was once known for picking fights and being ultra-aggressive, especially with the media. Ever since he started with the promotions for Dabangg and then more recently Ready, Sallu bhai has been at his PR best, not rising to bait and even answering pointed questions about his love life. And that seems to be paying off. He is now taking on a new role – he will be the main man for the IIFA Awards to be held next month in Toronto. Now there is a long and convoluted history: First it was all about the Big B, who held the post as official ambassador for IIFA for more than 10 years. Then, when there was a bit of a stink about the awards being held in Sri Lanka, Amitabh Bachchan was sort of distanced from the ceremony and, while it was not made official, it seemed as if Salman had taken over, since he was so prominent during the event. When it was announced that the 2011 awards would be held in Toronto, we heard noises that Akshay Kumar was going to be The Man, because of his close ties with Canada. Now it is known that Sallu will be the ambassador, we expect all eyes on the superstar and many trophies for the Dabangg gang. After all, if the Bachchan family can win so many when AB was in the haute seat, we know Salman and co will follow suit!


June 6, 2011

‘What’s a man without anger, without passion?’ Exclusive Interview With Salman Khan


Salman bhai, as he’s known fondly among fans, says he’d be ‘thanda’ if he didn’t have fire in his belly. In an interview with Sunday Mid day, he explains why he envies teachers, is disappointed with the government like all tax-paying citizens, and why it’s important to listen to your zameer

Salman Khan

Dabangg, Wanted, Ready… you are turning into an expert in making a superhero out of the ordinary man.
That’s easy. I think that’s how a hero should be. I want to be that hero that ordinary people think they can be. They want to relate to that guy… if he can be a hero, so can I.

Twenty years in the industry… did you have an inkling back when you started that this is where you’d get?
No way! I haven’t reached anywhere spectacular, actually. I am this person today because of the way I was brought up, because of the influences around me. Because of every moment I spent observing people around me.

No ambitions while growing up?
No, none. Nothing was planned.

What about your charity work? Was that planned?
No, not even that. Like I said, I just went with the flow. I have seen my parents and my grandparents do it. But it was all disorganised, and they ended up getting conned most of the time. So, I thought why not make it streamlined, more organised so that our intention reaches the right people.

How can you be sure you are not getting conned?
I hope not. We have doctors who tell us if the patient is genuine or not.

Right now, a lot  of people, including a few stars, envy your position. Is there anyone you envy?
Yes, I envy a lot of people. I envy people who have the stamina and drive to work till their last breath. Even when they are 80, 90 years old, they continue to work and have no plans to retire. I envy politicians, social workers and teachers who do such good work and are in the profession of helping others.

Aren’t most politicians working for themselves?
A large number of them are. But there are a few who actually do good work. Even if they are few, their efforts need to be applauded. Things are changing. Younger politicians are more socially aware and want to do things for the country. I have a lot of faith in them. The beauty is that finally, people seem to be concerned about each other. I have an issue with people who don’t get angry when things are going wrong. We tend to think ‘as long as it doesn’t affect me, why should I bother. Let me be safe’. Now, that’s changing.

I know corruption is a huge problem in our country. It is eating the soul. But aren’t we all responsible for this? We guys started it and we still continue to practise it. It has become a kind of culture. We know some people don’t get enough money and can easily be tempted, so we all take advantage of that situation. And there is something else that bothers me a lot. Most of us don’t bother if something unfolds right before our eyes.
I think we have to stop getting scared. If someone is demanding a bribe, be fearless enough to stand up and report him to the authorities. But most often, we are concerned about our own safety, time, money etc. Zameer, your conscience, is something that should not be ignored.

How active is your zameer?
I am a normal human being. Everyone has their own faults. I have mine. But I know I am honest. If you are honest, after you make a mistake, you will have the guts to wake up and say sorry. It makes a huge difference. As far as accusations hurled at me are concerned, some of them are true but most of them are thanks to people who want to serve their own interests. People can’t digest the fact that much of what they doesn’t affect me. I will do what I feel is right. They think some day, I will compromise. When I don’t succumb, they get upset.

I am not here to please anybody and I never will. If I like you, I will talk to you. I am not going to be under any pressure, no matter what. Even then, I keep quiet and people take advantage of my silence. If I don’t do a film or I don’t want to go somewhere, I am not going to just because someone’s ego is getting bruised. Do research on me and you will find that just before the release of each of my films, there is some negative story circulated about me.

That’s true. Just before the release of Ready, there was a smoking controversy.
Was there? I was only aware of that property controversy. The whole world smokes. You get cigarettes in every nook and corner, but I get involved in the controversy. Yes, I smoke once in a while and I request photographers not to shoot me when I am doing it. I know it is bad for health and I don’t want youngsters to think it is cool because I am doing it.

Now that you have spent all these years in the industry, are you better equipped to deal with anger?
Anger is still within me. Anger is what keeps you alive. What’s a man without anger, without passion? If I didn’t have it, I would be thanda, na? I might be using it in a more positive manner now, but I am happy that I have that anger inside me; that’s what gives me the push and takes me places.

Being honest is fine. But are you more politically correct now?
No. I don’t understand politics. I only understand right and wrong, yes and no. If you ask me something I don’t understand, and I don’t know what to say, I will say, I don’t know. Is that being politically correct? Or incorrect?

You are on a career high. Does anything bother you at the moment?
Yes. We are facing a unique problem. Whoever from the industry wants to donate to Being Human (his charity), is being asked by the government for a 40 per cent tax cut. And that I think is too much. And that’s sad.
Everyone knows the industry is not reeling under black money like it was. My question is what benefits are we getting for all the tax we pay? The film industry pays taxes in various forms — the multiplexes pay tax, there’s entertainment tax. What are we getting in return? Where is the money going? Nothing is being done for the industry. When a unit member is in trouble, it’s we who help him out. I just wish this tax thing was more lax so that more people would be encouraged to donate, to do charity.

The Character dheela song in Ready is a hit already. It sounds autobiographical, considering that people have been judgmental about you.
Yeah, people did say things ¦ but tell me, when a guy and girl are involved, why is only the guy’s character dheela? The girl’s character is dheela too, na? If the guy is doing it, he is not the only one doing it.

June 6, 2011

Salman Khan Makes Jaws Drop at Launch of Chillar Party

Actor Salman Khan made it a day to remember at the launch of his co-produced summer flick Chillar Party at Gossip Cinema in Bandra, Mumbai on June 3.

The 45-year-old A-lister looked ‘gawjus’ clad in a white cotton T shirt with “Get Ready For Chillar Party” emblazoned on it. The shirt was teamed with a pair of torn denim jeans, black shoes and aviator sunglasses.

His style echoed the casual flavor currently being promoted by the male film fraternity.

As for the T shirt, it was a clever style statement which also happened to advertise his two current films, Ready and Chillar Party. Sharp one, that Salman!

Salman Khan

Salman Khan at the first launch of his co-produced summer flick Chillar Party at Gossip Cinema in Bandra, Mumbai on June 3. Photo Credit: Sawfnews

Just 24 hours after gracing a charity event with costar Asin, Salman was his usual chilled-out self (pun intended) at the launch. The Khan joked that “Mere kisi film se jyada exposure to is film mein hai” as promo clips aired with little kids walking down streets in just their underwear.

The film has been directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl.

Salman is now lensing the film ‘Bodyguard’ in Patiala with Kareena Kapoor.

Hmm, knowing the guy’s penchant for showing skin we’re sure Bodyguard is going to melt the screen.

Salman Khan


June 4, 2011

Ready Movie Rating, Review: Ready Box Office Report


The 9.30 am shows at multiplexes are enormous in the 90-100%. The Mumbai multiplexes are lagging a bit, but it is always the case as these often go late. Some multiplexes have over 25 plus shows per day.

The film had some shows starting at 07:00am and 08:00am to multiplexes and even those were at 60-70%.

ind-blowing start in north India and Rajasthan multiplex multiplex are phenomenal. One of the screens will start later and its a foregone conclusion that the opening will be bumper.

Now, it remains to be seen if the opening is historical or bumper and that will be known when the circuit total exit. It would not be surprised if it is not ready to beat some of the earliest recordings circuit Dabangg days. Rajasthan seems to have a good chance. READY across a box office opening of Mega.
June 3, 2011

Ready Movie Review: Ready is Salman Khan’s show all the way

Starcast: Salman Khan, Asin, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal,

Director: Anees Bazmee

Music: Pritam Chakraborty


The much awaited flick of the season, Ready, is set to hit the silver screens across the globe today.
So are you ready for the first biggie of the season? Who isn’t, actually? Love him, loathe him, but you can’t overlook him. Salman Khan is, without doubt, the sweetheart of the masses. No two opinions on that!

Ready Movie review

In these days, the moviegoers like to watch the massala film. Salman’s last film Dabangg, which received National Awards, had full dose of action and humour.

The films like Golmaal 3 and Yamla Pagla Deewana have also done good business at the Box Office despite of no storyline.

The movie Ready also stands in the same category, which has full massala and Salman Khan, who is known for mass puller.

In one words, Reday has everything what a commercial film needs. The songs of film, ‘Character Dheela’ and ‘Dhnka Chika’ are already topped the chart.

READY is a full-on entertainer, a paisa vasool film that has just one motive — entertainment — and it succeeds in its endeavor absolutely. This is a Salman show all the way and even those who don’t hero-worship him will be forced to admit that like WANTED and DABANGG, Salman’s dynamic presence and powerhouse performance translates into great entertainment. He’s comical, wicked, aggressive, besides larger than life and yet warm and real.

The story of the film revolves around Prem (Salman Khan) and Sanjana (Asin).

Salman Khan is the only heir to a fragrance company owned by Bhandari Brothers—Gautam, Rishi and Rajveer. Prem is the son of Rajveer.

Prem is a bachelor guy who wants to enjoy his life in full before getting married. His father Rajveer is against her wish but Prem gets support from uncle Gautam and Rishi.

On the other hand, Sanjana is an orphan, who lands in India to stay with her maternal uncles, Narendra and Tulsi.

Sanjana’s mamas are greedy and want to grab her property. Both Narendra and Tulsi tried to persuade her to get marriage with their brother in-laws but Sanjana sniffs their intentions.

Prem, who falls in love with Sanjana, decides to teach lesions to her mamas. In this process, Prem and his family along with Sanjana make fool of her mamas.

To know the hilarious attempts by Prem and Sanjana to teach her mamas lesions, you will have to book the ticket.

Overall, the movie is good family entertainer and we will give it four stars.

June 2, 2011

Asin, Salman Are ‘Ready’


Release Date: 03/06/2011

Ready movie revolves around two characters Prem (Salman Khan) and Sanjanna (Asin) who are in love with each other but their greedy uncles want to choke Sanjanna’s family inheritance and prem’s family always support him in all crazy plans. Both parties always plan to teach other a lesson. The story get twisted when Sanjana’s family come to know thta they have been tricked. Then both families start taking revenge with lot of planning and plotting.Then the question is what happens to the love story.

Cast: Salman Khan, Asin Thottumkal, Arya Babbar
Directed by: Anees Bazmee

May 27, 2011

Salman Khan Promotes Ready on Star News

BeingSalmanKhan promotes his upcoming Ready at Star News office (in Noida)!!Get READY on June 3rd!!!!!!